World Highest Altitude Lake Trek -Enchanting tilicho

World’s highest altitude lake situated at an altitude of 4,949m.

I had 20 % charge left in my phone when I reached above there, as soon as I took my phone out to take some shot, the battery of my phone snuffed out due to extreme wind and too low temperature of that location. I was so tensed and also because I took off my gloves off to take pictures, my hand froze to death, I wasn’t feeling my hands any more!

There was a spot,kind of like a small house where trekkers rest and can have things to eat as like biscuits and noodles. Tea was only the hot beverage available there.

I went inside I found my friend who was already in there. As soon as I saw her I started crying cause my hands were not actually functioning, also there was an aunt whom we met back down in base camp. As she saw me crying she came upto me and asked what was wrong, I explained her,so she and my friend started rubbing my hands and brought’em back to life. Then we ordered tea and I charged my phone with the help of battery-bank, we rested a while waiting for our another partner who was on his way. He finally showed up and then we came outside to click some shot of the undefinable natural beauty that existed over there.

This kind of destination are really not easy to achieve!

Can this place be any more aesthetic?

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