Kalinchowk Diaries: A Priceless Memories

Preserve your memories, keep them well

What you forget you can never retell.

So, to preserve my memorable trip to Kalinchowk I am writing this article.

I had traveled Kalinchowk about 3 years ago but the memories about this trip is still vivid.

Whenever I remember about this trip, a kind of excitement runs through my mind and a smile on my face. So let’s get started.

It is situated in Kalinchowk VDC in Dolkha at the altitude of 3,842 m (12,605 ft) from sea-level. It is a part of Gaurishankar Conservation Area from where two rivers Sun Kosi and Tama Kosi Rivers are source. So Me and my girls, group of 5 decided to travel for some refreshment .That trip was one of the very spontaneous trip of my life. We had just finished our 1st year board exam of Law. So one day before of that trip I called a travel agency for booking a package for us. It was for 2 days and 1 night trip. Me and my one of the friend went Jyatha,Thamel for booking .Basically it was our first trip without any elders so we thought that travel agency will be best for us.

Day 1: Refreshment day

So next day we went to the old bus park with our packed bags early in the morning. We searched for the person of travel agency whom we met yesterday and that person took us to the bus. We were in group of 5 so we chose last seat for us. Then we bought lots of snack there. That bus was carrying about 25 people. We waited for them for about 1 hour and then finally we left from there and we headed towards our destination. We all felt that touch of fresh air after leaving Kathmandu a very chaos city. Bus pierced through heavy fogs along with green forest. We were about to enter Dolakha and then we started to feel cold snow which covered everything like a fluffy white blanket. So we all demanded to get off from the bus for playing snow. It was so refreshing .after taking some pictures there, we headed towards our destination. We were moving late than our plan so we reached Dolakha Bhimsen temple at about 4 O clock. Then we all went to that temple and lighted some candles and then after spending some time there we got on the bus. With the increasing altitude some of friends suffered from altitude sickness. So make sure to carry some salty snacks when you travel there. Around 6 O clock we arrived Charikot and went to the hotel which was booked by our travel agency. Then we got in our room unpacked our bags to get freshen up. Then after some time a person from our travel agency called us for dinner and we went went there. They had prepared a bonfire for us, uhh that was much needed thing for that cold night .The flames of the luau bonfire burned brightly. Sparks flew into the sky and disappeared before they reached the stars above.

 After having dinner we went back to the hotel room and fell asleep quickly because we were so tired.

Day Two: The Adventures Day

We woke up early in the morning and It was very cold morning. The person from travel agency called us and we got on a jeep (bolero) because due to heavy snowfall the buses could not go there. We were so excited so we stood on the back of the jeep and headed to our destination. We could see the breathetaking scenes of Himalayan range and awesome landscapes. With the increasing altitude it felt like we could touch the sky. We could feel the cold and fresh air. That jeep was meant to drop us on kuri village. But due to heavy snow that jeep couldn’t drop us there and that jeep drop us on the middle of the way to kuri village. So decided to walk from there to kuri village. Road was so slippery due to which we fell many times. It was so hard for us to walk on the top of that road was so slippery. At some point we decided to rest and to play with snow which was main moto of our trip. We made a cute snow man.

 The snow was shining like a diamond which was making us to see clearly and also to take pictures. We were so tried that’s why we decided not to walk more which I regret a little bit now but it’s okay we made awesome memories there with there. So we walked not towards the Kuri village but towards the place where that jeep left us . Other people who were with us walk towards the Kalinchowk Bhagawati. I still remember one of my friend ate snow because she was so thirsty and there was no any water and a shop to buy a Bottel of Water. At some point we could not walk and all of us laid on the side of road. We were so tried that we even talked to each other. We waited there for other member from our group from travel agency but no one came from that way. We had a number of jeep but it was unreachable.  It was about to become dark, we were so scared. We didn’t even know the way to the charikot .Thankfully, a lady from our group came from that way and that lady recognize us . We went with that lady to the jeep and we returned towards the hotel. We packed our bags and got on the bus and headed towards Kathmandu. We reached Kathmandu in the middle of the night around 1 am. We took a taxi from there and went home. We were so tired. Legs are hurting so we went to bed and fell asleep quickly.

It was such a memorable trip. Long walking, laughing and joking, A life time experience.


Things to prepare for Kalinchowk trip

  • Down jacket, Windproof jacket
  • Woolen gloves/scarf
  • Warm socks
  • Shoes
  • Trekking pants/trousers
  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottle
  • Dry Foods
  • Wet wipes,Tissue papers

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